The causes of sewing health problems and the ergonomic solutions

The causes of sewing health problems and the ergonomic solutions

The demand for garments all over the world is constantly on the rise. For this reason, more and more business people have invested their money in this particular industry. This is why you can see a lot of garment manufacturing companies out there nowadays. If you are interested in sewing, you can start by purchasing the best sewing machine for beginners.

On the other hand, it is also important for you to take note of the different health problems related to sewing and the possible solutions so you will know how to address such issues as they arise.

Causes of sewing health problems

Although sewing has a plethora of health benefits, it also has its downsides. One of which is the possible occurrence of pain in the different parts of your body, particularly your hands, neck, and back.


Improper height of work table

If you have a work table that is too low, the tendency is you will have to hunch over your equipment. This then causes strains to your neck, shoulders, and back. If your table is too high, you will have to raise your shoulders unnaturally. Again, this strains the same body parts.

Poor lighting

Working in a room that does not have proper illumination will strain your eyes. The same thing if you don’t take the time to rest. Your eyes will get tired, and they may not function well over time. This results in poor vision that may also lead to more serious issues involving your eyes.

Awkward positions

While you are sewing, it is inevitable for you to end up in awkward positions. You may not notice this while you are working. But at the end of the day, you are most likely to feel pain in your bag, legs, and shoulders.

Ergonomic solutions

sgfs65shsasaasWhether you are working in a garment manufacturing company or at home, it is important that you have the proper height of a table. It should be positioned in such a way that the top is at elbow height and will allow you to work with straight wrists. It is highly recommended that you go for adjustable work tables so you can easily alter the height depending on what suits you best.

Another great way for you to avoid health issues while sewing is to invest in an ergonomic chair. Aside from it can provide adjustability of your workstation, it can also provide you with comfort.

Can Furniture Affect Our Health?

Can Furniture Affect Our Health?

Many outside factors can cause changes in our body, and furniture is just one of many known causes of illnesses and various health conditions. The range of health issues that are connected with the use of furniture is pretty wide, and everything depends on the type of furniture, the manner in which it was used, and so on.

Most common types of poorly designed furniture

Health conditions that arise from direct contact with poorly designed and poorly constructed furniture are predominantly associated with the use of office chairs and uncomfortable beds, simply because we spend the biggest portion of our time in these furniture units. Working hours or sleeping hours – we are spending our time adjusting to the shape of those units when it should be the other way around.

How furniture can benefit our health status

We try to find cures for our aches and illnesses in every possible way we can, but a very straightforward and efficient solution is lying or standing right there in front of us – in the shape of our sofas, chairs or beds. All of these units can be designed in an ergonomic manner, which means that they can help our bodies and improve our overall well-being.

“Healing powers” of ergonomic furniture

Not a lot of magic is hidden behind those healing powers of ergonomic furniture, and these pieces soothe our aches simply by allowing our body to find a natural and comfortable shape while still being able to perform the necessary activities.

Supporting the core elements of our skeleton and massaging the proper points, this type of furniture can heal a broad range of symptoms.Content goes here
Are those positive effects permanent?

By using ergonomic furniture for a prolonged period, our body can become accustomed do the shape of the unit, and this can help our posture, our overall satisfaction, it can improve the quality of our sleep, and so on. Therefore, the changes can be permanent and long-lasting, under the condition that ergonomic furniture is still being used.

Comfort vs. productivity

Most pieces of furniture offer comfortable positions, and people can relax in those beds, sofas or chairs, but some of those amenities also need to be functional and productive. House fittings are less inclined to boost productivity, but office chairs have a demanding task of making workers even more efficient and productive.

What to look for when buying a piece of furniture

Several important aspects need to be on your checklist in case you want to acquire a perfect piece of ergonomic furniture, and those elements are mostly concerned with the price, size, shape and functionality of the item in question.

Price and quality
If the item is more expensive – it usually has better characteristics. Therefore, investing a bit more money when buying your furniture can be a decision that will help you avoid many visits to the doctor’s office. 
Shape and size

Every piece of ergonomic furniture should be suitable for your body shape and size, and that is why buyers must pay close attention to the shape and size of the furniture piece that they intend to buy.