Sitting in an uncomfortable and unnatural position for prolonged periods of time can cause serious health issues, predominantly in the back area and to the spine. Since this segment of our body is important for the stability and “performances” of our entire system, it is imperative that we use ergonomic furniture and appropriate chairs.

How can a good chair help our health

By providing lumbar support and putting less stress on the spine, ergonomic chairs can significantly reduce the pain in the back area and some serious illness can be avoided as well. The spine is a very important organ in our body, and a good chair can help us in keeping a good posture.

Things to know when buying a chair

As with all other appliances and units, ergonomic furniture should be purchased only after you have considered all the necessary options, such as price, size, height, functionality, aesthetics, and so on. Not all chairs are the same, and buyers need to know what they are getting into.

The basic elements of a chair

Even though not all chairs are the same, they all still have the same basic components, and these parts are pretty much universal and unavoidable in the construction of a chair. Those parts are backrest, armrests, seat pan and the base. Of course, chairs have other parts as well, but these are the main elements of the construction.


Backrests can come in various design versions, but the most common types are small backrest and curved backrests. The role of this component is to provide lumbar support to the lower back region, and some chairs have an adjustable angle of the backrest, which can be customized by turning a knob on the side of the chair.


Arms are usually under a lot of stress when we are typing or doing some other work behind a desk, and they need a place to rest and relax. Armrests provide the relief to our hands and joints, and it is important that armrests are pleasant to the touch and strong enough to provide stability to the user.

Other useful components on a chair

Having a hydraulic height adjustment mechanism can significantly increase the ergonomics of a chair, simply because this allows the chair to be flexible and more precise. Users can adjust the height of the seat pan so that their feet are on the floor, that their thighs are horizontal to the surface and that their arms are even with the desk.

Seat pan

Seat pan can be made out of foam padding or with spring coils, but both of these methods have the same task – to create a comfortable and cozy seat for the user. The entire user’s body is putting a pressure on this part, which means that cushioning needs to be as good as possible.

The base
 The base of the chair is very important since this element holds the keys to gravity and stability of the chair. The most common type of base is a 5-point base with casters, which allows for easy movement and no tipping.